Thursday, February 25, 2010

Captain GabGab

My dear girl,

You know I've never seen you happier

than when you talk almost incessantly

of yourself.

Your stories lift from your breath

and come to life before your very eyes;

that bitch who cut you off

she's your Moby Dick.

We are expected to believe your innocence,

but instead find you insane.

And I can't wait for the part where you drown yourself

for the sake of posterity.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

All a-Glow

Climbing up the wall, all
dark green wire and purple

color splashing against the white.
Bright magenta striations, rays

of light. An S-shaped curve
restrained with pins of black,

slinking slowly towards
the ceiling, thumbtack

by thumbtack. The wire
meets the horizon,

weight tension shifts, now
stability is

the key. A base of three,
white pins, triangular,

hold a ball of wire
structured paper. It glows.

And circles of light reveal
themselves surrounded by points

of hot-pink star stuff. Beautiful. How
cool LED’s seem to read so warm.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Relevant to Your Interests

I think this website is really worthwhile, and I think that some of these are just really evocative.  Some miss the mark, where it either feels like trying too hard or somehow lesser than reality, but many of these photos are really strong and made me really believe the feeling often to the point of feeling it myself.

I swear this is related, I went to this site and originally just wanted to showcase it, but immediately after also wrote the following short poem:

Cry, let me see,
Cry, cry to me.

Sob, hold your knees
let all of your limbs recede.
My dear, cry to me.

Shake and heave,
wipe your own face on your sleeve
but darling, don't forget to breathe.
Cry to me.

Here are some of those that made me feel:


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Real Boy

Your nose grew!
Next time you lie, keep
your back turned.

Living Life in the Color Spectrum

Is it giving up personality
to swirl into a single shade?

Or like molecules,
separate in their own right,
colliding for a brief time with a burst of energy?

What explains it best
(physics or "feelings")
and what path is right or wrong?

What is love?

It is more than you've lost and less than you've gained.
It breaks the laws of thermodynamics.

What is love?

It's the light that you see as excited particles lose their "fire."
The remnants of a burning lust as it fades into non-existence.

Fools In the Clothing of Lovers

She is a monster,
a profiler of
broken things, and she'll
capture you when her
fancy swings.

She sees through your face
that which you have lost,
entices with glimmers of vision,
and lets you weigh the
costs of being with her.

Because it won't be
as great as you're thinking
it will. She's sure
that she won't break your
heart, but she will lose
it, leaving you with
doubts that you cannot refute.

There is more to her
than the flash of a smile,
the quirks that hide a
woman scar[r]ed;

so when noone bothers
looking, can she be
blamed for the
shame they've embraced
with both arms?

If you claim that you "don't deserve her,"
what made you think that this would ever last.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

That Which You Desire, Leaves Me Uninspired.

Love's about more than sex
Or the presumption of elegance

It's never quite what you thought you saw
It's loving the pavement after the fall.

Love is less than common sense
And easier lost than innocence

But if love's what you thought you meant
I suggest you reconsider the case you've presented.