Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Hollow, Dice, Prepare

When you break, fight the urge
to break others.  Resist the desire to rip your way
through the colors in your new lover's eyes;
to pierce inward, from the apple to the core,
and gut the seeds of their infatuation.
To blind any fool who dares to dream of togetherness,
and bothers to conceptualize cohabitation. Your heart knows better,
surviving darkness is no reason to help it spread.
Maybe love's first trauma is our chance at salvation.
An opportunity to use the bitter, rotten taste
as a reference for sweetness, and not a recipe for revenge.
Isn't heartbreak, like the inevitability of death,
(or the similarities between The Tooth Fairy's handwriting and your mother's)
just another of the disappointments learned in life and growing older?
A lesson that we each suffer through in our own time?
Why not save such dark deeds for dark beings.  Those with hard
hearts that will never be broken.

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