Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Be careful with each other

This is oil for the cogs of
revolution.  A peek into
the inner workings of a movement.
An inner dialogue. Propaganda
specifically of unity and
hope. Representative of a moment
of community building, an acknowledgment
of the necessity for transition within and without. A suggestion,
that perhaps hypocrisy is not the way to start a new world.
Reminding that in revolution, everything is subject to change.

This reminds me of reading about feminism in the civil rights movement and how, so often, black women were fighting for the rights of all black people while still being oppressed and mistreated by their lovers and husbands.  They had to make a choice to support an entire movement, or risk splintering it to call for their own equality and acknowledgment.  I like that this exists, because it shows that there was at least some awareness of this issue, that someone understood the importance of a truly supportive community behind any social or political movement.  It’s much less intense than, say,  “Join or Die,” but the message is the same, and just as affective.


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