Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Flash-bang Orchestra

We are watching from the balconies,
as a storm forms just past the beach.
Humanity is always waiting
with bated breath to see Nature's next move.
Holding moments like photographs. Like when the
lightning flashes and highlights
the clouds with a background of
shocking white.  Contrasts so stark,
I know I will remember this when
I next question what power is.

Thunder that can shake the ground
below our feet, seems wasted
on an empty sea. It's easy to feel thwarted
as the dingy clouds huddle away from you,
but this is a traveling entertainment. They are
only heading for the center, the point of lowest pressure,
like lint to static.  Where they can add their girth
to the weather's wrath. The last ingredient to
catalyze a most splendid movement.
A spectacle bright enough to deafen,
an electric opera arranged to fit the sounds of the tide coming in.

Monday, June 7, 2010


Embrace the feeling that
you get when running
for a train you thought
you'd missed.  Your muscles
tensing; your body still working for
and not against you.
Cherish these moments,
will yourself not to forsake
your youth. Especially in the
moments when you first
feel it slipping away.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


May was so slow.
I couldn't find the time
and then I couldn't find
a reason.  But now,
with summer in full swing,
I think I've gotten my mojo
back.  The boiling heat, the humidity,
the warm wet showers
of a Maryland summer have
slowly teased out the tension
in my shoulders and my spine.
I open my window to let the breezes
in and they creep to my bed,
bearing tools to open my mind
and grease the hinges of my fingers.