Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Winter Asunderland

(Wrote this during the colder months. Can you also feel the snow in your bones when you read it?)

I can't see a thing,
but the white of the snow
on the ground and the trees;
and the branches that broke
when their wooden parts froze
and the whipping wind took hold.

You're beside me and we walk blindly.
Pushing forward, using more words than willpower,
towards a home that we hope will hold us safe for now.

the sin was hope.
the sin was hope.

You thought I cried, but the snow dried
and the cold tears had no trouble disappearing
once we got inside.

You felt the warmth, and hoped I'd invite you in,
but I thanked you kindly for walking me
and released you back to the wind.

the sin was hope.
the sin was hope.

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