Friday, April 30, 2010

Bits of bits and Peace's pieces.

Since this blog is a workshop for words, I figured I'd put up some of the one [occasionally two] liners that I've typed into my cellphone's "notepad" application.  Maybe putting them here will give them enough space to be fleshed out. Or, maybe they'll stand well enough alone.

~The rain washed away despotic hoof prints, and in their place grew grass so green.

~Music plays, but it can't drown out the tunnel's scream; like a kettle boiling, voicing the tensions this city refuses to express.

~Spring is nearly here.  The trees are budding, and the tips of the forest are tinted frosting pink.

~Why am I so much more content to wear mediocrity than swaddle myself in bliss.  Perhaps the change of clothes, I'm not much for the cold.

~Today, she wore her hair up, and when the train came in its wind wound caressingly around her neck.  She was so far and yet so close to being alone, a single woman traveling through a mass of strangers.

~Darling, do what you will.  You can't hurt me, I am granite wrapped in silk.