Thursday, March 11, 2010

Oracle of Instinct

Survival instinct
is more than just physical:
hunger, safety, shelter
apply to both the body
and the mind.
I've been starving myself
pretending to be content
with crackers and water
they sustain, but never satisfy.

emotional Darwinism
is no more righteous than it's
social counterpart; but
I won't be a martyr for
your happiness anymore.
I suppose
I am emotionally conservative,
I am waiting for you
to pick yourself up by your "bootstraps".

I view extension of this
as a failing.
If I cannot remove
this rotting limb
I know I will die with it.

We are only growing older;
growing Uglier, more frail.
why waste what little we've been given
on people who can't make us
as happy as we want to be.

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