Thursday, February 11, 2010

Relevant to Your Interests

I think this website is really worthwhile, and I think that some of these are just really evocative.  Some miss the mark, where it either feels like trying too hard or somehow lesser than reality, but many of these photos are really strong and made me really believe the feeling often to the point of feeling it myself.

I swear this is related, I went to this site and originally just wanted to showcase it, but immediately after also wrote the following short poem:

Cry, let me see,
Cry, cry to me.

Sob, hold your knees
let all of your limbs recede.
My dear, cry to me.

Shake and heave,
wipe your own face on your sleeve
but darling, don't forget to breathe.
Cry to me.

Here are some of those that made me feel:


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