Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Fools In the Clothing of Lovers

She is a monster,
a profiler of
broken things, and she'll
capture you when her
fancy swings.

She sees through your face
that which you have lost,
entices with glimmers of vision,
and lets you weigh the
costs of being with her.

Because it won't be
as great as you're thinking
it will. She's sure
that she won't break your
heart, but she will lose
it, leaving you with
doubts that you cannot refute.

There is more to her
than the flash of a smile,
the quirks that hide a
woman scar[r]ed;

so when noone bothers
looking, can she be
blamed for the
shame they've embraced
with both arms?

If you claim that you "don't deserve her,"
what made you think that this would ever last.

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